Stratford Archers Ltd (the club)

Terms and conditions

Club Membership

Entry Requirements

  • To become a member of the club non-archers must complete an Archery GB recognised  beginners’ course.  These are organised by the club (see below)
  • If the applicant is an experienced archer then, prior to becoming a member, they must be assessed by a club coach to ensure they understand and comply with the rules of shooting as defined by Archery GB.  The coach will formally assess the applicant’s skill and may recommend:
    • Membership
    • Membership subject to further specific coaching
    • The completion of a beginners’ course prior to membership.
  • Membership applications are made via the form on the club website, which must be completed in full.
  • Details provided on the form must be accurate.
  • Payment is made on completion on the form online using a valid credit or debit card.
  • Failure to pay the fee at the time of application will invalidate the application.
  • The club membership year runs from 1st October to the 30th September.

Membership Fees

  • Membership fees are paid in advance in full for the period of the membership year.
  • Membership fees taken on the website will include aArchery GB, West Midlands Archery Society, and the County of Warwick Archery Association memberships.
  • Membership fees are non-refundable.
  • In addition to the base membership fees there is a pay-per-session charge which each archer pays on the day of shooting. This charge is variable depending upon location.
  • Membership does not automatically renew at the end of the membership year.
  • Renewing members will be required to complete a new membership application form and make payment prior to the start of each membership year.
  • New members who join part way through a membership year will benefit from pro rata fees reducing each quarter. The price shown on the membership form will be correct for the current quarter.

Members must fully comply with all of the rules of Stratford Archers Ltd, as listed in our document ‘Stratford Archers Ltd.  Club Rules’.  These rules include conditions for the termination of membership.  This document can be reviewed here.

Beginners’ Courses

Entry Requirements

  • To attend the Beginners’ Course, applicants under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a legally responsible parent or guardian for the length of the course.
  • The Beginners’ Course Application Form on the club website needs to be completed in full, to allow appropriate equipment to be prepared prior to the course.

Application and payment

  • In order to register for a course you must complete and submit the Beginners’ Course Application Form on the club website along with full payment.
  • Applications are taken on a first come, first served basis.
  • If multiple applications are being made, a separate application form needs to be completed for each participant.

Cancellation policy

  • If you cancel your booking before or during the course, full or partial charges will apply. This is due to non-refundable costs associated with organising a course.
    • Up to 2 weeks’ notice before the course: No refund.
    • 2 weeks to 4 weeks’ notice before the course: 50% refund.
    • Over 4 weeks’ notice before the course starts: Full refund.
  • Notifications of cancellation should be made in writing as soon as possible via email to
  • Transfers to a future course may be accommodated on a case-by-case basis subject to availability. If no suitable courses are available, refunds will be made in line with the terms above.
  • In the event of Stratford Archers Ltd having to cancel a course at short notice due to unforeseen circumstances, you will be contacted and either offered a full refund or opportunity to attend a rearranged course.


  • Public Liability insurance is provided for beginners while participating in a Beginners Archery course.
  • The insurance cover will only apply to beginners registered to attend.
  • All beginners are required to be supervised by an Archery GB licensed coach when undertaking shooting at, or under the control of, the club.

Code of Conduct

  • Stratford Archers Ltd is affiliated to Archery GB and abides by its policies and guidelines.
  • Archery GB Rules of Shooting and etiquette will be outlined during the course.
  • Any gross misconduct and/or inappropriate behaviour will result in the individual being requested to leave the course, forfeiting any course fee.